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Inspection questions for technicians

Questions that OFSTED, ISI, HSE, LEAs have asked technicians

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As part of an inspection, an inspector may wish to speak to the science technician team.

You might get a visit from the Local Authority or the Health and Safety Executive to check that you are complying with regulations.

Or this might be part of an Ofsted or ISI (Independent Schools Inspectorate) visit to find out about how your science department is supported.

We’ve compiled a database of other technicians’ experiences of this process below, along with some handy tips.

6 tips for performing well in an inspection

🗂️ Organise your paperwork - use a sectioned folder so you can easily find what you need

⏱️ Keep paperwork up to date - schedule a regular review of paperwork termly/yearly whatever is appropriate

🔎 Nobody is perfect - if an inspector says something is missing, note it and find it, then let them know you now have it!

📝 Ensure any action points from the previous inspection have been addressed in good time and documented.

❓ Ask questions! Inspections are often a two way process (Eg with your RPO/RPA for the radioactive samples). If you are not sure ask!

✉️ Follow up any concerns raised in the inspection by written communication to ensure it is documented and you have a paper trail.

If you’ve got an experience to share with the community, fill out this form to add it to the database.

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